PLAYOLOGY All Natural Beef Scented Dri-Tech Rope

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Discover The Science of Scent Unleashed with this Playology All Natural Dri-Tech Rope Dog Toy! This Dri-Tech Rope is made using a durable shaped-fiber technology that will help reduce the chances of long pieces of rope falling off that may be dangerous for your pet to swallow. This toy also wicks away slobber to help keep play sessions with your pal cleaner and to help cut down on the stink. But the fun doesn’t stop there, because it also features an enticing all-natural scent that is sure to pique your pup’s interest!


  • A 100% all-natural scent is embedded into the toy using Encapsiscent Technology—this helps increase engagement without the need for fattening treats.
  • Durable fibers wick away extra slobber as your pal plays.
  • The durable braided core helps the toy withstand plenty of play.
  • Tested to US child toy safety standards and made free from lead, phthalates and other harmful substances.
  • Can be quickly and easily cleaned in warm water.
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