OUTWARD HOUND Tail Teaser Air Prey Interactive Cat Wand

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This cat wand comes equipped with two interchangeable catnip toys designed to mimic prey, plus a durable claw-proof nylon rope to provide endless hunt and play action. The prey-like attachments mimic the movement of real prey as you swipe the wand through the air, igniting your cat's curiosity, engaging their natural hunting instincts, and prompting them to jump, dive, and fly in pursuit of their elusive target. Feathers, crinkle sounds, and a catnip/polyfill blend within the cat toy attachments further enhance the interactive experience, ensuring hours of entertainment for your feline friend. The catnip cat toys can easily be swapped out to help keep things interesting, vary the play, and prevent boredom, keeping your cat mentally and physically stimulated.


  • Teasing cat wand comes with two interchangeable catnip toys and a claw-proof nylon rope for endless play action.
  • Activates cat hunting behavior; Watch your cat catch some air while they jump, dive, and fly to catch the elusive prey attachments.
  • Removable cat toy attachments you can easily swap out to keep things interesting.
  • Two catnip toys filled with a catnip/Polyfill blend attach to the wand as the perfect prey.
  • Texture play with feathers and crinkle sounds that keep your cat engaged.



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