ORIJEN Duck and Chicken Entree Wet Canned Cat Food 3oz

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The dry cat food kibble features a biologically appropriate recipe made with up to 90% premium animal ingredients to create a yummy and nourishing meal for your furry family member. With no peas, lentils, legumes, carrageenan or gums, this high-protein pate provides the nourishment your kitty needs to thrive. As an ancestral carnivore, your cat needs a diet packed with protein—that's why this recipe always starts with raw duck, chicken, chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken bone broth, duck bone broth and egg. This premium cat food also includes 80% moisture to help keep your cat nourished and hydrated. Nourish as nature intended with ORIJEN.


  • ORIJEN cat food is made with the USA’s finest ingredients.
  • The first seven ingredients of this ORIJEN recipe are fresh and raw animal ingredients to help give your cat a strong source of vitamins and minerals.
  • This ORIJEN cat pate comes packed with nutrition from organs and bones that mimic your cat's ancestral diet.
  • A cat food broth delivers a burst of raw flavor your kitty will love.
  • Contains no peas, lentils, legumes, carrageenan or gums.
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