NITE IZE MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner - 2 Pack

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  • EASILY CLIP AND SECURE PET TAGS - The MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner allows you to easily clip and secure your pet's tags in one swift motion - once clipped, tags are instantly secured
  • NARROW OPENING PREVENTS TAG LOSS - The micro carabiner body features a narrow opening and novel gate design, ensuring the gate cannot be accidentally opened for a tag to slip out mid-adventure
  • EASILY TRANSFER TAGS - Thanks to its unique gate design, it's easier than ever to move your pet's ID tags from one collar/harness to the next
  • STRONG STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - This pet tag clip features a strong stainless steel body and spring gate, standing up to years of adventures and daily wear and tear
  • ATTACHES TO MOST COLLARS + HARNESSES - The MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner is designed to securely clip onto D-rings on virtually any pet collar or harness
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