NINA OTTOSSON Dog Paw N 'Play Puzzle

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This Level 2 Intermediate dog puzzle keeps dogs busy with a treat-focused challenge that stimulates your dog's senses and taps into their natural instincts to hunt and forage for food. As a result, our dog enrichment toys provide mental and physical exercise, help relieve stress, and reduce boredom for happier, healthier pups. The Paw N' Play features a large base you can fill with up to 1/3 cup of your pup's favorite dry dog treats or food to motivate them to solve the puzzle. Watch your dog use their brain to determine how to release the treats, then press the handles down to move the "paws" and grab the food inside. The best part? Multiple dogs can play at once – entertaining for the whole pack! Food is released in a slow, random pattern to help create a healthy eating pace. This puzzle feeder is easy to clean and made from food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free for your convenience and peace of mind.


  • Level 2 intermediate dog puzzle great for pets with little to no puzzle experience.
  • Food is released in a slow, random pattern to keep dogs guessing.
  • Think n’ thrive dog enrichment toys provide mental stimulation for dogs, help relieve dog anxiety, and provide both mental and physical exercise; 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equal to 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • Dogs push the handles to Movethe “paws” and grab and release the treats; Multiple dogs can play at once – entertainment for the whole pack.
  • Fits up to 1/3 cup of dry dog food or dog treats.
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