NHL Boston Bruins Hockey Puck Toy

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  • FOR THE FOUR-LEGGED FAN - Love your dog? Love hockey? This dog toy in the shape of a HOCKEY PUCK is just right for you
  • USAGE - Built for tug, fetch, and general fun with your dog! The two ropes make for an easy game of tug, while the tough rubber puck keeps your dogs entertained and enthused about this new toy
  • CONSTRUCTION: This dog toy is made from heavy-duty durable rubber. Has a ROPE on both sides and a printed TEAM LOGO!
  • LICENSED - Officially licensed by the NHL. Don't be fooled by other unlicensed, lower-quality products. This pet toy features bright team logos and colors of your favorite NHL team
  • SIZE - This #1 dog toy is 15 inches long(with the ropes, 3 inches without the ropes), 3 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Works well for pets of all sizes

The team-spirited rope provides you or another furry friend with a better grip during an exciting game of tug-o-war. Not only will your pup enjoy playing with this faux hockey puck, but the rubber and rope materials will help scrape away plaque and tartar while he plays! Show off your team spirit and give your pet a fun fetch or tug plaything with the Pets First NHL Hockey Rope Dog Toy.

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