NECOICHI Ultralite Pop-up Cat Carrier

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It's made from a sturdy fabric that keeps your kitty strong and safe while remaining easy to clean. And the lightweight design allows you to carry your kitty wherever you need to go without lugging extra weight. She'll be comfortable, you'll feel at ease—and just like that, you're on happy trails! When you're done, simply fold and store this crate away until your next adventure.


・The convenient carrier is made with a chic plaid pattern and a kitty head-shaped ventilation hole.
・Folds quickly and easily for storage during non-use, whether in a cabinet, closet or under your car seat.
・The sturdy fabric is designed for durability and safety—after all, you're carrying precious cargo.
・Lightweight design doesn't add extra pounds to your load, making for easy carrying.
・Extra-large ventilation windows help your cat feel at ease, wherever the road takes you.

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