NBA Celtics 3 pc Cat Nip Toy Set

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Score a slam dunk with your kitty's playtime! This officially licensed Celtics cat toy bundle is packed with excitement for your furry friend.

What's Included:

  • Miniature Celtics Jersey: Soft plush filled with potent catnip, featuring vibrant team colors and logos.
  • Plush Basketball with Feathers: Catnip-infused basketball with playful feathers to swat and chase.
  • #1 Fan Hand Toy: Show your team spirit together! This plush hand features the Celtics logo and is stuffed with catnip for extra fun.



  • Catnip Power: All toys are loaded with catnip to entice your feline friend and encourage energetic play.
  • Interactive Fun: The playful shapes and feathers provide endless entertainment for batting, pouncing, and chasing.
  • Durable Plush: Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Officially Licensed: Show your Celtics pride with officially NBA-approved toys.
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