NATURVET Vet Strength Advanced PB6 Probiotics and Enzymes for Dogs and Cats

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Helps your furry friend transition to new food, minimize flatulence or cope with a sensitive stomach. We swear by this product for all digestive issues. Because it's a neutral powder, it will not trigger food sensitivities either.

Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes Powder with PB6 technology enables beneficial bacteria to travel through the complete GI tract for optimal stomach and intestinal balance. This blend of enzymes, prebiotics and vet strength PB6 probiotics is designed for sensitive stomachs, pet diet changes and digestive issues

• Great for pets with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues
• Specifically developed to support and balance the total GI environment

Since 1994, NaturVet has been serving the four-legged community with wholesome, vitamin-infused dog supplements so that your pup or senior dog maintains a healthy lifestyle. Made in the USA, each pet product from NaturVet is cGMP compliant and wheat-free.

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