MOLLY MUTT Blanket Forever Young Medium 48" X 56"

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Molly Mutt makes our absolute favorite pet blanket.  Why?  Because Molly Mutt caters to modern dog lovers who won't sacrifice style or quality when it comes to dog gear.  All Molly Mutt blankets have beautiful modern prints on cotton canvas on one side and cozy fleece on the other.  They are thicker than any other pet blanket, and the sewing and fabrics are top notch.  The gorgeous patterns also serve a purpose....the blanket will still look sharp while hiding dirt, fur and drool! So snuggle up with your best pal on the couch, and be sure to take it along on road warm and thick it makes the perfect travel bedding.  Coordinates with matching car seat covers too!  Forever Young has a muted forest green and white abstract arrow pattern.

100% cotton canvas with fleece backing.  Machine wash on cold; hang dry.

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