MIMI GREEN Lotus Dog Collar Flower Georgia Peach

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Dog collar flowers are an easy way to elevate your pups style. Slip them onto any collar and prepare your pup for compliments because they are sure to get them. These flowers are cute as can be and pair perfectly with our 'Olea' Orange & Lemon blossom print. Perfect for a summer stroll through the garden with your pup. Inspired by our Olea Rifle Paper Co print collars. Great for weddings, parties, birthdays or everyday wear. Mostly everyday wear, dog’s gotta look fresh.


  • Handmade from American made wool felt
  • Elastic ring wraps around collar to secure the flower to your dog’s collar and easily remove to wash
  • Washable (gentle cycle + air dry)
  • Made in the USA

Details + Fit

Size medium is the best size for most dogs, size small is best for tiny toy dogs. Large is pretty dang big but makes a great statement.

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