MESSY MUTTS Collapsible Silicone Bowl M

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Messy Mutts makes traveling with your canine companion a breeze! With this convenient Collapsible Silicone Bowl, you'll never run out of water for your pooch again! You can now go on endless adventures with your furry best friend and keep them hydrated along the way! Perfect portability for travel, long walks, hikes, and more! 


  • Super soft silicone collapses to less than 1" yet rigid when expanded. Perfect for both food or water when on the go.
  • Enclosed steel rim for added rigidity.
  • Includes light weight, quick release, plastic carabiner clip so you can easily attach to leases, belts, backpacks...
  • The bowl capacity is 24 oz / 3 cups and is 6" in diameter.
  • The bowl is made from food-grade safe silicone and is BPA / PVC free.
  • Dishwasher safe and will not discolor over time. Do not microwave.
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