MADE BY CLEO Cat Bow Tie Cookies and Milk Pink

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Make sure your furry friend is the most fashionable pet on the block with this pink Cookies & Milk Pet Bow Tie. It's perfect for any occasion from special events to everyday wear, and adds a touch of class and sophistication to any pet's look. Plus, it's quick and easy to attach and remove for ultimate convenience.


  • The Buckle Clasp options menu refers to the standard plastic side-release clasp shown in the collar photos. Both breakaway + non-breakaway buckles look virtually identical to the photos, but function differently
  • The Hardware Color menu refers to the standard metal parts on the collar (i.e. the length adjuster, split ring or D-ring & included bell). Does not apply to the plastic buckle clasp. Note: The included bell is removable & entirely optional.
  • Bow Tie Size: 3" x 1.75" (w x h) - bow tie is one-size-fits-all. Bow tie is detachable w/ elastic loop + reinforced felt backing for easy wear. Note: Fabric pattern placement may vary. Note: Pet bow ties are designed for special occasions only and are not recommended for everyday 24/7 use. Please always keep your pet's comfort and safety in mind.
  • Personalize your collar with a beautiful yet practical engraved ID tag to help ensure your pet's speedy return if lost. Having visible I.D. on a collar with name & phone # is still the fastest, most effective way to help others help YOU find your lost pet. (Tags sold separately).
  • Add fun charms & decorative bells for extra festive flair. Accessories are sold separately — easy to add to or remove from any collar anytime.
  • We use quality materials with an emphasis on balancing comfort & durability with a clean look (i.e. no loose threads or scratchy bits). Our collars are strong, lightweight and proudly made in the USA.
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