MADE BY CLEO Cat Bandana Modern Love

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The slide-on/over-the-collar bandana format provides maximum comfort and ease for pets and zero fuss for the owner. No need to figure out how to tie it artfully or worry about it coming loose. Just slide it on the collar and go. Best suited for adult cats and small dogs. Not recommended for pets with neck sizes under 7 inches (i.e. small cats / kitten and miniature dog breeds). Collar not included. The matching cat collar and bow tie are also available for purchase separately.


  • Bandana Size: 6 in W x 4 in H
  • Fits adult cats + small dogs (neck size 7 inches or more)
  • Slides onto any collar up to 3/4 inches wide
  • Both sides finished/reversible
  • Collar not included/sold separately
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