FISH & BONE Stitched Leather Lead Black

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  • Premium Quality -We offer you our best-handcrafted leather and 70 years of experience in one product. With the finest full-grain leather paired and durable and lightweight antique-gold hardware, this leash will last for years with no fading and fraying
  • Fine Leather -Luxury accessory with no compromises. The smoothest full-grain leather remains soft and beautiful after years of use, paired with antique-gold hardware for ease of use and durability. Choose the best for your best friends
  • Glorifying Design - Designed to complement both your and your furry companion’s style. Your dog does not need loud colors to be seen. For understated traditional elegance, Heirloom Leashes are the perfect, practical accessory. These leads are available in black, tan, and burgundy. With nickel and brass rivets in an antique design, this is a collar your dog will be proud to wear
  • Get Perfect Size -With all sizes from 48” to 72” and different width options, you can choose what is best for you: whether you want to give freedom of movement or have instant control for dogs new to the leash, or dogs that are easily distracted
  • A Gift to Wear -Do not forget these leashes are a great gift for the other dog fans in your life and our Heirloom Star Collar makes the perfect ensemble set 
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