KONG Cat Toy Pull A Partz Purrito

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This two-in-one toy includes a plush interior and an unwrappable exterior, perfect to satisfy your little hunter’s natural instincts. The push toy is purr-fect for bat and pounce fun, while the removable, exterior wrap features a hook-and-loop fastener and inner crinkle sounds to entice your feline friend. Plus, included KONG Premium North American Catnip in both parts of the toy ensures your cat will have a fun, stimulating day of play.


  • Cute 2-in-1 cat toy with plush interior for bat and pounce entertainment.
  • Unwrapping exterior with crinkle sounds fulfills natural hunting instincts.
  • Long tail and ribbons are ideal for catch and capture play.
  • Lightweight materials make for great stalking and pouncing.
  • Added catnip provides even more fun.
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