KARMA CAT Starfish Cat Toy 2 Pack

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This 100% pure wool toy has coarse wool fibers with natural jagged edges to scrape away food and plaque. They use safe, non-toxic dyes and there are no synthetic fibers that may be harmful if ingested.  Lanolin oil naturally attracts your pet and is anti-microbial and odor resistant.

Sustainably handcrafted by women artisans in Nepal.


Lanolin is anti-microbial which keeps your cat's wool toy naturally clean. It can be hand-washed with soap in cold water, and air dried.


Does you cat like to play?  Try these wonderful wool cat toys made by Karma Cat. This 2-pack of toys is sure to provide hours of fun for your feline friend.

Karma Cat's Himalayan and New Zealand blend of wools is rich in lanolin, which naturally attracts pets and is good for their health.  

  • Lanolin has a mild effect similar to catnip and for many cats, all-natural wool toys are their favorite
  • The rough edges of wool fibers help to clean plaque off your cat’s teeth and keep claws clean while they play
  • Safe, non-toxic dyes
  • No synthetic microfibers that may be harmful to your pet if ingested

Karma Cat is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Pet Sustainability Coalition.  They complete a thorough vetting of their labor and environmental practices every year.

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