Glow in the Dark Cat Wand Toy

Article number: VEE-11555
Availability: In stock

The lure doesn't just glow. It's has premium stuffing and fabric to withstand those sharp claws and teeth. A rattle sounds as soon as the lure zips through the air alerting your pet it's time get down with kitty business. Also, the lure has reinforced satin cords that flail through the air and can weather any cat battles. This glow in the dark trifecta will have your cat engaged during the long evening hours. 

You won't question the toy's durability either. This teaser wand is manufactured with a patented Flexi-neck for the strongest attacking cats. The wand bends and bows underneath stress but won't break. The thirty-two-inch wand resists cat claws and teeth punctures and the reinforced cord can withstand the cat's flipping, yanking, and pulling. The ending result is a long-lasting dependable cat toy that ensures endless nights of playtime. 


  • 32" clear flexible wand
  • 38" colored reinforced cords
  • Patented Flexi-neck for bounce and safety
  • Stuffed toy with a rattle inside
  • Rubberized surface
  • Resists puncture
  • Reinforced satin cord tails
  • Made in the USA
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