EARTH ANIMAL No-Hide Peanut Butter Chew Single

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No-Hide® Peanut Butter Chews are a low-fat, low-call, and vegeraian option for our 4-legged friends. This sweet flavor to savor will deliver a healthy, long-lasting chew-able bliss for dogs (and cats) of all shapes and sizes. No-Hide® is a healthy, nutritious and digestible alternative to rawhide. They are made with peanut butter powder and 6 simple ingredients. And, with no chemicals, additives, bleaches or formaldehydes. 100% free of any hide!

We always suggest giving No-Hides or any chew under direct supervision. Make sure you are keeping a close eye on your pup (or cat) while they are enjoying the chew!

SIZE & WEIGHT CHART (approximate):
MEDIUM DOGS (15-45lbs.)-Small NO-HIDE® CHEW
LARGE DOGS (45-75lbs)– Medium NO-HIDE® CHEW
GIANT BREED+ (75+lbs) – Large NO-HIDE® CHEW

Brown Rice Flour, Agar-Agar, Organic Eggs, Peanut Butter Powder, Olive Oil, Banana Powder, Bromelain (Pineapple).



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