DOGO Avocado Hat

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The Avocado Dog Hat by Dogo in green is the perfect hat for the summer!

  • Avocado pattern
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Ear holes

Why We Love It:

Shade your sweet puppies eyes with this baseball style hat! The Avocado Dog Hat by Dogo features avocados and dots graphics scattered across the entire hat.  The adjustable buckle and ear holes make this adorable dog hat easy to wear and super comfortable for you furry friend.  

Also Comes In: Pink

Sizing Information:

XS - 10.25-12" Chin Strap
S - 11.5-14" Chin Strap
M - 13.5-16.5" Chin Strap
L - 15.75-19.5 Chin Strap
XL - 19-23.5" Chin Strap

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