COACHI Tuggi Helix Dog Toy

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It is lightweight, incredibly strong, and features a super-strong bungee and soft neoprene handle, to ensure tug games are gentle on your dog's neck and your arms.

  • Superfun and great for tough-tuggers. The intricately weaved design makes this bungee tug toy suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs and perfect for games of tug or chase.
  • This bungee dog toy is a great alternative & or addition to food rewards and perfect for reducing puppy mouthing and biting. Suitable for all ages and breeds.
  • The Tuggi reward toys have been designed for you and your dog to have fun together whilst training. They are great for improving recall, discouraging chasing and perfect for agility.
  • Maintain the energy and enthusiasm by only using these dog training toys as part of interactive play. This keeps the toy as a special reward, the same as a food treat.
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