CHUCKIT Duo Tug Crunch Balls M

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The Chuckit! Crunch Duo Tug combines classic Chuckit! Balls with a crackling, crunchy sound your dog will love during games of toss and tug! Designed to satisfy your dog's instinctual curiosity for sounds, the Crunch Duo Tug has a patented crackle that is safely contained inside the balls and will not break down with use. The Crunch Duo Tug features two Super Crunch Balls made from durable TPR on each end that are connected with a super-strong rope for tugging & twisting fun! Make playtime fun and interactive with Chuckit!'s Crunch Duo Tug Dog Toy.


  • Tug! Crackle! Toss!
  • Great for interactive games of fetch & tug
  • Patented crackle safely contained inside the ball
  • Will not break down with the use
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