Treat Planet

That’s why we create natural, healthy, eco-friendly pet products made in the USA. We have five different treat brands including Etta Says!, Hare of the Dog, Snicky Snaks, Kitty Kitty, & Cosmo’s Snack Shack! Etta Says! treats are meat-based treats and unique innovative chews. Hare of the Dog treats are 100% Rabbit recipe treats made with all-American rabbit. Snicky Snaks treats are all natural, made from scratch, oven-baked treats.

Kitty Kitty treats are 100% freeze-dried, all-natural cat treats. Cosmo’s Snack Shack treats are on-the-go convenient meat treats, chews, and smoked bone treats. The Treat Planet brands include innovative products made from unique proteins and all-natural ingredients. Pets love them and their owners trust the Treat Planet name. Simply The Best Darn Treats on the Planet!

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