The Maine Pooch

The Maine Pooch is dedicated to selling high-quality products that last even through the toughest of play. I play pretty hard, so my mom put me to work with the products. I ran, swam in salt and fresh water, got everything muddy and snowy, and played as hard as I could with my furry friends. Each time I would come home, my mom inspected each item very closely to look for wear and tear. Each wet and dirty bandana would go into the wash and tested on each water setting, then put back on me to play again. I always have to be on a leash at our apartment, so we have been able to test the collar's durability and strength when I pull with all my might. After my mom tried out all my products, we found friends who also tried them out and gave us feedback. That is when we decided we were ready to go and launched our website!

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