Squishy Face Studio

Squishy Face Studio, a family-owned business founded by Justin and Jessica Lohmann in 2009, is dedicated to creating innovative and durable toys and accessories for active dogs. Their mission is to promote the well-being of dogs by providing physical and mental exercise through their products. All their dog toys are proudly made in the USA. The inspiration behind their work comes from their own beloved pets, including Petey, Max, Lily, and even Mr. Kitty, who believes he's a dog. While their dogs have been labeled as "pit bulls" or pit bull mixes, they emphasize that they are actually Mutts of Indistinguishable Origin (MIOs).

Squishy Face Studio advocates for bully breeds and opposes Breed Specific Legislation, focusing on education to change the perception of these misunderstood animals. They also support adoption from rescues, shelters, and the Humane Society, frequently donating to organizations that share their vision of a world with no more homeless pets.

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