What do you get when you are a dog who loves the beach but have sun sensitive eyes, with an engineer dad and veterinarian mom? A custom designed trucker hat that protects your eyes from the sun, of course!

Buddy’s humans tried many kinds of dog hats, but none of them stayed on or reflected his personality and beach lifestyle. Together they designed a dog hat from scratch, modeling it after human trucker hats, to provide the vital sun protection Buddy needed while making him the envy of his furry friends. Buddy’s custom trucker hat worked so well he agreed to share it with every dog.

Buddy’s family loves seeing all the smiles when people spot a dog wearing a PupLid. Most rewarding is hearing how dogs benefit from their PupLid hat. We, Buddy’s family, hear people say that not only is the hat fun but it keeps their dog from squinting on bright days

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