Oma's Pride

Oma's Pride is a fourth-generation family-owned company, named after the beloved matriarch, Margaret "Oma" Miller. The journey began in Connecticut's Farmington Valley, selling eggs door-to-door, and later becoming a turkey farm for the local community. In the 1970s, we transformed into a USDA poultry processor and regional food distributor for New England.

The emergence of the raw food movement in the 1990s, and a sick family dog's recovery, inspired Oma's daughter, Sandi, to create Oma's Pride. Partnering with experts, she formalized family recipes into pet products like AAFCO complete diets, freeze-dried treats, and more, all with a commitment to pure, locally sourced, human-grade ingredients. The passion for helping pets thrive on raw, natural diets remains a generations-old family value.

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