My Zone Blue

IT ALL STARTED with a senior shelter kitten. When we brought Mocha home in 2007, we quickly learned she had a number of health issues from incontinence to kidney disease that had led to her being abandoned. We were told she might not be around much longer, and we knew we’d do whatever we could to care for her health. Being a husband-and-wife team of scientists, we took a science-based approach to making Mocha feel better. We researched countless articles, studied up on pet nutrition, and tried pet food after pet food with our hearts full of love. Soon, we began cooking Mocha’s food from scratch and testing different recipes against her progress. But it wasn’t until we made the switch to raw food that Mochita truly flourished. She became the active, joyful kitten she’d always been. Since then, we vowed to do the same for as many pets as possible.

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