Happy Howie's is a dog treat company based in Detroit that aims to be part of the city's revitalization. Once a thriving city known for innovation and architecture, Detroit faced economic decline with the downfall of manufacturing and the automotive industry. However, in recent years, Detroit has embraced new industries and a diverse population. Happy Howie's, inspired by the resilience of Detroit and its residents, set out to become the top provider of all-natural dog treats in the Midwest while contributing to the city's turnaround.

The company owes its success to loyal customers, the support of Detroiters, and its beloved mascot, Howie. Despite facing challenges, including a steel plate inserted in his body, Howie remains a symbol of determination and companionship. Happy Howie's started as a small, unknown Detroit-based company but has grown into a renowned provider of various dog treats, proudly representing the spirit of Detroit while serving dogs nationwide.

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