Fera Pet Organics

Created by two friends, straight from the heart.

Meet Michelle and Emily, two best friends who met in high school.  

As mothers, Michelle and Emily were used to finding the best products for their children but were disappointed with what they could find for their furry family members. As a veterinarian, Michelle was frustrated by the ineffectiveness of existing pet supplements and was looking for a better solution for her clients.

Michelle and Emily knew that supplements could be powerful healers. However, despite their claims, existing supplements were not being made with the best ingredients. Working together, they knew they could do better, so they launched Fera Pet Organics. They committed themselves to sourcing the very best ingredients while combining Eastern and Western therapies for optimal results.

The feedback was amazing. As word spread, Michelle and Emily saw how many pets they were helping. They left their full-time jobs to focus on bringing the Fera difference to as many pets as possible. Now we can all demand more for our pets.

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