BOWSERS Sterling Lounge Bed Charcoal

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Refined, sleek, contemporary design. Elegant scalloped edge trim detail. Bowser uses only high memory super loft fiberfill, no foam chips or batting. The Sterling bed is offered in a coordinated collection of durable upholstery fabric neutrals, that represent the most current trends in home design.  Removable zippered cover for easy machine washing and drying.

  • On trend, Upholstery grade fabrics

  • High Memory Polyester Fibre Fill

  • Machine Washable & Dryable

  • Premium Quality Made in Canada

Size Outer Dimension Inner Dimension

SML 26 x 21" 18 x 13"

MED 33  x 26" 22 x 17"

LRG 38 x 30" 25 x 20"

XL 44 x 33" 31 x 21"

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