BOCCE'S Crunchy Sunday Roast Dog Treat 5OZ

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These whisker-licking goodies are baked in the USA and are 100% natural. Plus, they are wheat free and made with limited ingredients, so sensitive sidekicks can enjoy them, too. Your canine companion will love eating them and you’ll love feeding them!

Softer than classic BOCCE'S biscuits, but with the same adorable "B" shape, these little treats are perfect for older pups or those with small teeth. 

And unlike other soft chews, there's nothing to worry about with the ingredients: all-natural, single protein, with names you can read and recognize. 

Ingredients: Oat Flour, Chicken, Pumpkin, Rosemary
Guaranteed Analysis: Protein: 11%  Fat: 10%  Fiber: 3%  Moisture: 8% 
Calories: 12 Cal/treat

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