TUCKERS Frozen Bones Bison 5in 2ct

Article number: PFX-23098971
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 These raw frozen bones help to keep teeth clean, as well as aid in digestive health. All Tucker’s raw bones are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. hese great frozen bones are of the best quality and made especially for your little best friend!  Tuckers never thaws or re-freezes their bones so you don't have to worry about freezer burn or mold.  Simply pull one of these great bones out of the freezer and let your pup enjoy!  Tuckers Frozen Bones comes in beef, bison, and lamb.  They also come in several different sizes and numbers.  So let chew time be filled with Tucker's Frozen Bones!


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorus
  • Provides important mental stimulation and enrichment
  • Exercises your dog’s back, neck, and jaw muscles
  • Great for teething puppies
  • Bone should be larger than the length of your dog’s muzzle

Ingredients: North American Bison

Special notes:

Chews, bones, and treats can be a great way to keep your dog happy and help them manage destructive behaviors. Please keep in mind that when selecting treats for your dog, If you believe your dog can swallow it whole, it’s too small. A good rule of thumb is to look for options that are at least twice the size of your dog’s mouth. And always remember to supervise your dog, especially if it’s a new type of chew. Remember to always treat responsibly!

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