SUPER SNOUTS Broad Spectrum CBD Immunity Hemp + Shroom Chew

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  • Blend of 7 USA-grown organic mushrooms
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response
  • Antioxidant support for normal cellular health
  • Supports a natural resistance to pathogens
  • Made with Colorado grown, organic, PCR hemp
  • Water soluble hemp extract for optimal absorption

Active ingredients per PLAIN+JANE CHEW: 

PCR Hemp Actives (Water Soluble)………….5mg 

Inactive ingredients: Water, Coconut Glycerin, Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Beef Liver powder, Flaxseed Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavor (from oregano, flaxseeds and plums), Natural Mixed Tocopherols.

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