ORIJEN USA Grain-Free Dry Tundra Cat Food 4 lb.

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This dry cat food kibble features a biologically appropriate recipe made with up to 85% animal ingredients to create a yummy and nourishing meal for your furry family member. As an ancestral carnivore, your cat needs a diet packed with protein—that's why this high-protein kibble always starts with six fresh or raw animal ingredients—duck, Arctic char, rainbow trout, whole pilchard, ranch-raised venison and pork liver. ORIJEN TUNDRA is purr-fect for all life stages, so cats young and old can enjoy this dry cat food. Nourish as nature intended with ORIJEN.


  • This ORIJEN cat food kibble is made to help support your furry pal's needs throughout a lifetime of adventure with nourishing protein and nutrients.
  • The grain-free dry cat food is loaded with up to 85% animal ingredients, including organ and bone.
  • ORIJEN WholePrey ingredients mimic what your kitty's ancestors ate in the wild.
  • The first six ingredients of this high protein cat food are fresh or raw animal ingredients to help give your cat a strong source of vitamins and minerals.
  • A freeze-dried cat food liver coating delivers a burst of raw flavor your cat will love.
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