Original Henrietta Rubber Chicken Toy

Article number: CHA-79888L
Availability: In stock


  • FUNNY AND FUN: You will laugh at it, and your dog will love it! Every pampered puppy should have a latex chicken, and this one’s unique, colorful, and very silly!
  • CHATTY CHICKENS: Dogs love squeaky toys – and they will think this chicken chatter is awesome! The squeaky dog toy has an unusual sound your dog won’t be able to resist.
  • SAFE & NATURAL: These interactive dog toys are made of all-natural latex and are hand-painted with lead-free paint, so they are safe and fun for any and every dog.
  • STRONG CHEW TOY: Perfect for chewers, this tough and durable chewy rubber and latex chicken dog toy helps divert your pet from more destructive chewing behaviors.
  • FAMILY FUN: Henrietta is just one member of the Squawker latex chicken family! These funny dog toys are available in 4 colorful characters and 2 sizes to suit small and large dogs.
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