NORTHWEST NATURALS Frozen Raw Knuckle Bone

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These products are intended for supplemental feeding only. Beef is Grass-fed and sourced in the USA and is Antibiotic and Hormone Free. Natural source of protein, fat, and minerals.  Add a tasty and healthy snack into your dog's diet that's great for their dental health with Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw Meaty Bones! These raw meaty bones will have your dog drooling! These frozen bones are fantastic for your dog's oral health! Scrapes off plaque and tartar for clean strong teeth and fresh breath! Meaty bones are also a great natural source of protein, fat, and minerals. All Northwest Naturals bones are made from fresh antibiotic and hormone-free meats sourced in the USA. Try one today! Made in USA. Selected by the Pet Beastro for your dog's good oral health! 


  • Keeps your pup entertained for hours
  • Cleans teeth naturally while they gnaw away

Ingrediets: Beef Knuckle Bone

Feeding Guidelines: These products are intended for supplemental feeding only.

Safety: Bones should always be given with supervision to ensure your pet does not consume the bone too quickly.


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