NITE IZE Spotlit Rechargeable Collar Light - Disc-O Tech

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  • Secure stainless-steel carabiner clip easily attaches to collars, harnesses and leashes
  •  Features a Disc-O Tech LED module that you can leave in color-changing Disc-O mode, letting the vivid colors cycle through
  •  You can also select from the 4 colors of red, green, blue or white, setting any of them to glow or flash
  •  Built-in memory feature remembers your last color setting, automatically turning back on in that setting for the next night of fun
  •  With rapid recharging in 2 hrs. via a micro-USB cable (not included), you can charge up to full brightness and return to more adventures with your furry sidekick in clear view
  •  Durable weather-resistant body
  •  Push button on/off
  •  Average run time: 5 hrs.
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