MADE BY CLEO Cat Collar Nautical Navy

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Your kitty will love wearing this comfortable, durable collar and will be basking in all the extra attention! This collar features a breakaway safety buckle clasp, which allows the collar to auto-release if it gets caught while adventuring or playing (not for use with leashes). A removable bell is included via the attached split ring. The adjustable length fits average adult cats and larger kittens with neck sizes 8-13 inches in diameter. Matching bow ties and slide-on bandana accessories are also available for purchase separately. All products are handmade in the USA.


Adjustable Length: Neck Size: 8-13 inches
Fits average-sized adult cats + larger kittens
Breakaway auto-release safety clasp / (do not use with leash)
The Jingle bell is removable & included with the metal ring
Made in the USA

Materials: Nylon webbing (base), cotton fabric, nickel hardware, plastic buckle/clasp

Dimensions: Adult Cat (8-13 inches); Width: 1/2-inch

Care Instructions: Machine or hand washable (cold). Air dry.

Caution: Not suitable for leash use.

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