KATIE'S BUMPERS Sqwuggie Fire Hose

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Katie’s Bumpers™ is considered one of the most authentic dog toy brands in the market for its durability and great designs. By choosing Katie’s Bumpers™, you are getting an authentic American brand and top-quality product that has been made and packaged in a sustainable manner.

Katie’s Bumpers™ has been innovating since 2002 and most designs are patented. From the snow to the beach, to the lakes and rivers, Katie’s Bumpers™ toys are made to float and to withstand all types of environments. So, get out and have fun with your best friend and your favorite Katie’s Bumpers™ toy.

NOT A CHEW TOY! We do not recommend you leave them unattended with your dog as these are not chew toys. They are meant for you to interact with your best friend and enjoy the outdoors fetching, training, and tugging.

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