FISH & BONE Freeze-dried Lamb Liver

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These 100% All Natural Freeze-dried Lamb Liver Treats are made from only the finest ingredients to provide the healthiest, tastiest dog treats. Made with real 97% fat-free, premium Freeze-dried Lamb Liver Treats, these Freeze-dried Lamb Liver Treats make great high-protein treats for dogs. No preservatives or artificial color.

Recommended Serving Size:

Small Breeds: 1/2-1 strip per day

Medium Breeds: 1-2 strips per day

Large Breeds: 2-3 strips per day


Crude Protein (Min) 70%

Crude Fat (Min) 1.0%

Salt (Max) 0.03%

Crude Fiber (Max) 3.0%

Moisture (Max) 14%

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