FABCAT Sushi Tray with 5 Sushi Rolls

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  • PLAYFUL CAT TOYS: Give your small kitten or large feline friend more to play with when browsing the collection of Fabcat cat toys that feature a variety of colorful designs to attract attention.
  • FOOD-THEMED CAT TOYS AND CAT TEASERS: Tease your feline with a variety of cat toys that include a fishing rod cat teaser and a sushi cat toy. All cat toys from the Fabcat collection are lightweight and safe for felines of all ages and sizes.
  • COLORFUL CAT TOYS: Choose from a variety of styles when getting your kitten or senior cat feline toys from Fabcat. Our collection includes a fishing rod cat teaser, a sushi chopstick toy, a happy camper teaser, a deep sea cat teaser toy, and sushi pieces. The bold colors give your friendly Fido a colorful addition to his pet toy box.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN CAT CHEW TOYS: After hours of fun, these cat toys are easy to spot and clean. Simply use soap and water to remove any dirt or debris that comes from rough play with cat teasers and cat toys.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PET PRODUCTS: Fabdog and Fabcat specialize in crafting dog sweaters, hoodies, raincoats, scarves, dog toys, cat toys, and outerwear that is made from high-quality material and features a variety of colorful designs and patterns for all occasions.
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