AUSTIN & KAT Bailey's No More Wiggles CBD Oil 450mg

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Created for dogs who pant and bark at all new experiences, loud noises, and mail deliveries! This is especially helpful for pets that need support when left alone, and is full of soothing botanicals reminiscent of your favorite cup of tea.

Special pet-friendly organic extracts of calming lavender, valerian root, passionflower, romemary, and chamomile combine with Kat's natural CBD-rich hemp extract to keep things relaxed.

For consistency you can depend on, calibrated medical-grade droppers offer easy-to-read measurements and repeatable dosages.


Austin & Kat folded their premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism. For Bailey's calm-and-quiet formula, They've selected relaxing natural products from around the world to complement our cannabinoids:

  • Organic Lavender: A pet-safe extract packed with terpenes like linalool to help relax the body and mind. From hydroponically grown zero-waste organic English lavender native to the Mediterranean. 
  • Organic Valerian root: Premium valerian root to help pets cope with household stessors. From clinically-studied strains cultivated in Holland
  • Organic Passionflower: Known as maracuja, a bright-flowering climbing-vine great for restless and hyperactive dogs. Sustainably collected from development plots at the edge of the Amazon rainforest
  • Organic Chamomile: wild-harvested non-GMO German chamomile for stressed or restless animals
  • Organic Rosemary: A relaxing terpene-rich and pet-safe extract from agronomically grown rosemary

Every tincture is coupled with medical-grade calibrated droppers for precise measurement and consistency of dosing. Oils provide an onset of quick relief as absorption starts in the mouth (within 15-20 minutes), 40-60 minutes later a more pronounced effect should be noticeable.  

Administer orally at least 30-45 minutes prior to a full meal.

  • Pets less than 25 pounds should start with 0.25 mL, or one 1/4 of a dropper (3.75 mg of CBD)
  • Pets between 25 and 50 pounds should start with 0.50mL, or one 1/2 of a dropper (7.50 mg of CBD)
  • Pets larger than 50 pounds should start with 1.00mL, or one full dropper (15.0 mg of CBD)

Repeat dosage every 4-8 hours as needed. Every pet is different and you know your pet’s needs best. Some may require more per dose, while others may require less.

Best practices:

The best practice for introducing hemp into your pet's daily regimen is to start on the low end and build up from there. 

  • Use 1-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight, and look for a noticeable change in their demeanor.  For more reactive situations or severe discomfort, begin with a minimum of 2-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight
  • If not you do not notice a change, administer an additional ½ dose.
  • The most important thing is to pay attention and adjust as you see fit. You are your pet’s best advocate.
  • Do not put the dropper into the pet’s mouth as you may introduce bacteria, instead place the oil into a small bowl, apply to a piece of dehydrated food, or mix with a small amount of food. 


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