COACHI Training Whistle Coral

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This whistle produces a single, clear tone that carries well across long distances. Whistles are great for recall training, as they help to standardize commands between paw-rents, children, trainers and more. The light, compact design can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag to ensure you always have it handy. Plus, it comes with an adjustable lanyard for easy wear on your wrist or neck. The Coachi range is designed to focus on effective, humane and positive training methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs. Ideal for use during retrieval training, obedience training, gun dog training or general puppy training.

  • Paw-fect for puppy, retrieval, obedience and gun dog training—plus, anyone in the family can use it!
  • Helps standardize commands when multiple people are training or walking your pup.
  • Produces a single tone that carries well, ensuring your dog will receive clear signals and commands during distance training.
  • Lightweight, compact design can easily be slipped in a pocket or bag.
  • Each whistle comes with an adjustable, reflective lanyard for a secure fit.


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