COACHI Pro Train Treat Bag Coral

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Useful for dog trainers and professional walkers. With extra large storage and secure attachment options. Features a zipped pocket and a magnetic closure.

  • The professionals’ choice: This extra large, easy-access treat bag has a secure hidden magnetic closure to keep your treats fresh and stop them falling out!
    Extra large storage: The secure zipped front pocket is large enough to hold a mobile phone and the large mesh pocket is perfect for poop bags, clickers and other useful accessories.
  • Secure attachment: There are 3 different attachment options; A secure carabiner, separate belt clip or traditional belt loops for easy and optional attachment, to either waist band, belt or pocket.
  • Multiple dogs: Treating more than one dog is easy with this generously sized treat bag, perfect for dog trainers and multi-dog households.
  • Perfect for walking & training: The coachi pro train & treat bag is great for all puppy and dog training, the soft neoprene top and contrasting colors, make it super stylish too!
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