CATSTAGES Cuddle Pal Plush Unicorn Cat Toy

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The Kitty Cuddle Pal by Petstages® will warm your cuddle bug kitty’s heart! This soft, buckwheat filled toy can be microwaved to create a calming, soothing plush to snuggle and curl up with.  A removable buckwheat filled pouch can be microwaved until warmed and then sealed back into the Cuddle Pal to create a calming effect that’ll leave your kitty feeling soothed and secure. This plush buddy is also great for snuggling to help your girl get a good night’s sleep.


  • The warming power helps soothe your kitty to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
  • Use this noise-free toy when you have to leave and your girl needs comfort.
  • A removable buckwheat pouch provides natural comfort.
  • Potentially good snuggling for humans as well!
  • When the Cuddle Pal has seen too much love simply remove the pouch and wash the toy
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