BENEBONE Tiny Fish 2 Pack

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The fishbone is a bait and switch for everyone's benefit: it's irresistable to your fish-loving pup, but nearly imperceptible to us. For your dog, it's like a field trip to the fish market. For us, it's like nothing ever happened. At Benebone, they started with the premise that dogs experience scent and flavor in a way we can't even grasp. So they ditched the neon colors and loud squeaks. Inspired by a dog's powerful sense of smell, thry developed a long-lasting durable chew that's jam-packed with real fish for flavor. Once your dog takes a bite of our USA-made chews, they'll be hooked.

  • - REAL FISH FLAVOR - Inspired by the protein of the sea, the Fishbone is flavored with real Jack Salmon, so your dog will go nuts for the smell of it. The nice thing is, you won't notice
  • - DURABLE, LONG-LASTING - Super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks
  • - USA MADE - Made and sourced in the USA
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