ROMPICATZ Adjustable String Wand Crinkle Ball

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Does your cat love crinkle balls but you're tired of losing them? Our crinkle ball wand toy gives your cat the toy it loves without the hassle of lost balls! No more finding them under the stove with this toy.

Multi-colour crinkle balls with sounds that drives cats wild, now easy to keep track of during and after play. 

Comfortable ergonomic handle with storage space for string concealing. How to use; open cap at bottom of handle - pull string out to preferred length - coil excess string around finger and wrap a couple of times around coil to prevent coil from loosening, hide string coil inside storage area.


  • Total rod length: 18”
  • Variable string lengths: 1”- 36”
  • Toy: 2”d
  • Includes 1 rod & 2 crinkle balls
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