HUGGLEHOUNDS Polar Express Wee Knottie Dog Toy 6pk

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Diminutive in scale, but big in fun.  Specifically sized to appeal to TINY and TOY dog breeds – these toys are small in scale and sized for smaller mouths. Great for pulling, tugging, and hours of play. The collection includes Moose, Cow, Duck, Bunny, Fox, and Sock Monkey!


  • DURABLE SQUEAKY DOG TOY: Perfect for all dog breeds, this plush dog toy with knotted limbs is the perfect companion for your small or large dog who loves tug-of-war dog toys.
  • DOG CHEW TOY WITH MULTIPLE SQUEAKERS: Give friendly Fido or your small pup an interactive play experience with this dog chew toy that is perfect for fetch and dog training.
  • COLORFUL DOG TRAINING TOY: Playtime with your pup just got better with this dog training toy that with knotted limbs and a colorful exterior. Choose from dog toys in small or large sizes.
  • IDEAL PET CHEW TOY: Offering pet owners the durability needed, this dog chew toy is ideal for growing pups who love to tug and chew or just cuddle with a dog stuffed animal with two squeakers.
  • ENCOURAGE POSITIVE PET PLAY: This fun and rewarding dog chew toy crafted with Tuffut Technology is perfect for helping reduce pet anxiety while prompting interaction between dogs and their owners.
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