DR. PUSSUMS Rabbit Fur Mice

Article number: PUS-2323
Availability: In stock

Small authentic rabbit fur mice.  Marinate your mice in catnip for your cat and watch them hunt!  Encourages playing by mimicing realistic prey. These mice are available in a random assortment of gray, white, and brown mice.

| Diane Morris 19-01-2024 00:22

My cat is obsessed with these! No other mouse toy will do. Everytime I’ve tried a substitute, shes given me the most withering glare and turns on her heel. So here I am, special ordering my cat bougie-mice bc girlfriend just HAS to have real rabbit fur. If you also have a hunter, they’ll love chasing after this, pouncing it up and down the stairs, or just lovingly carrying it off to Lord knows where. Order extra!

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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